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RayRay | Livsglad musik for hele familien | økologisk børnemusik

About RayRay

How do you make childrenmusic a lifestyle? You do like RayRay 🙂

I am RayRay and welcome to my healthy and tropical children's universe. My children's universe is full of music, juices and smoothies, games and videos - and why is that? Because I want to create an honest and healthy universe for children who give something to people instead of taking something from people. Children today are becoming adults very quickly, and I would like to inspire children not to. Because I think adults can learn as much from children as children can learn from adults! But how can adults learn from children whose children are adults? - We must remember to play and have fun in a sustainable way. I really want to take children and parents on a journey where it is not all about career, success and money. But about the simple life, and my experiences in finding the core values ​​as a human being. Namely, how our body works, being connected to mother nature and our soul. Be conscious of what we eat and how we treat each other. My universe is also full of music videos from all over the world that are translated into sign language and yes, I actually want to go as far as calling it organic children's music. - It comes directly from the heart and is a pure desire to please children and their parents. I have had more than 200 concerts since 2016 as well as a sea of ​​lectures. I have had music on DR Ramasjang Radio and won "børn i byen" award as "Children's Culture Personality of the Year 2017". Now I would not say much more than "welcome to the tropical island" <3

Reviews & sweet messages

From my amazing friends

  • Sisse Fisker (SMILfonden)
    RayRay makes us all smile! 🙂
  • Bakkens Pjerrot
    RayRay is the future of children music!
  • Bugtaler Sine
    RayRay is talented and a great friend!
  • Frække Rikke
    RayRay works best with me!
  • Mads Bo (High On Life)
    Great messages and healty for kids!
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