Magical childrenconcert where you can surf!

RayRay's concert is a tropical and vibrant experience for children and adults alike. The concert is about a magical journey on the flying surfboard, where there is room for everyone and where life is put in a beautiful and fun perspective. We keep away from the electronics, dance in bare toes and make an invisible campfire with an invisible friend. We jump on surfboards, create the colors of the rainbow and find lost smiles. The concert is very well thought out and engaging. During the concert everyone gets the opportunity to come on stage. After the concert, everyone gets the opportunity to get a cool picture on the flying surfboard, and then all the kids can try the little instruments. 

- The concert is for all children and all others
- You can book RayRay as band or solo artist!


Educational and inspirational lecture with music

This lecture is not just a story of a journey, but a story of life. With RayRay's unique ability to convey and capture children's attention, he takes children and adults on a trip to Africa. With themes such as: "How do children live in developing countries?", "How is the wildlife?" And "How does our food grow?" the kids who don't have that much are so happy. RayRay was in Tanzania in January 2017 recording music video and it is experiences from this journey he relays at a children's height. The lecture is with pictures, films and musical elements.

- For 0-5 class!


A magical christmas concert! - Ho ho ho!

RayRay's universe is magically transformed into a Christmas mood. In the tropics you also have Christmas and RayRay will take the children on a Christmas trip with his palms. We need to ask Santa about who is the saddest person we need to get up and fly on the surfboard and help him hand out gifts. We have to say a lot of Christmas things - so look forward to "A Magical Christmas" with RayRay.

- The concert is for all children and all others
- You can book RayRay as band or solo artist!



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